Valentin Jourdheuil.

Hi there, i'm a french product manager and designer based in Bordeaux,
passionate about creating
relevant and green products
Available for work & freelance
Vintage photo of a sailor writing letters.

A sustainable portfolio

Read the case study about the creation of this portfolio and how design choices can contribute to building more sustainable projects.
Product management, web design and integration
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Study project

Here are some of the personal projects I presented during my master's degree in product management.
Product management
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Start-up project

During my time working in a start-up studio, I had the opportunity to assist founders in launching their first Minimum Viable Product (MVP). This was a selected project from that experience.
Product management, UI/UX Design
Photo of an old computer

Landing page

Here is a showcase of some landing pages that I have designed and integrated (using Webflow) based on my previous experiences. Please note that these landing pages are currently offline.
Product management, UI/UX Design
Photo of a coffee pot with a cup and an old radio..

Café BB coming soon

A static website with a sustainable design for a coffee shop that promotes local production and the short circuit.
Web design and integration (HTML/CSS)
Vintage photo of women passing by a newspaper kiosk.

Micheline coming soon

A static website designed for a thrift shop that specializes in second-hand furniture and upcycled jewelry.
Web design and integration (HTML/CSS)

About me

As a product manager and designer, I specialize in crafting green and relevant products using agile methodology.
My passion lies in creating seamless user experiences through intuitive UI design. I have a proven track record of successfully managing teams and implementing agile methodologies, such as Scrum, to drive product development.
Over the past two years, I have collaborated with startups to develop prototypes and establish clear product visions. I'm skilled in managing product backlogs, conducting user research, and analyzing market trends to meet user and stakeholder needs.
Aside from my product management skills, I am experienced in web development, using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, as well as no code tools like Webflow. This enables me to design and implement captivating user interfaces.
I am committed to sustainability and believe in creating products that have a positive impact on the environment. By incorporating green practices and considering the long-term relevance of the products I develop, I strive to contribute to a more sustainable future.
Product backlog
Product vision
Ux/ui design
Web development
Soft Skills
Team spirit
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Logo of the software Webflow
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Logo of the software Miro
Logo of the software Airtable
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Web design and developement  Freelance
since 2022
Product Manager 1kubator
2021 - 2023
Web developer Kombay / Mère & Fille
2020 - 2021


Master’s degree Product Manager Openclassrooms
Bachelor web project manager Digital Campus

Freelance pricing

Design and integration work  short project
250 / day
Build a product long project
On demand
Consulting product vison and strategy
60 / hour

Network & Recommendation

Elodie Duru

Former Manager
“ Valentin was able to support incubated start-ups in the creation of their MVP and in particular by helping them to think about user journey and interface of their platform or apps. Not only does he master technical tools such as Figma, Webflox, Notion or agile project management methods but above all he know how to have a collaborative approach to projects [...]”
Elodie Duru
Director of Swallow Consulting
Severine Grasland
PM @ THI Booster
Matthis Ruel
PO @ Drakkar
Philippe Laroque
Mentor & Freelance
Bastien Buoro
Start-up Manager
Louis Lecce
AWS expert and PM
Alice Travers
Business consulting
Alexandre Ambrosini
Expert in growth marketing
Luca Bousquet
Dev and PM